We are exclusive Distributor of eeBoo and Pals Socks for Czech Republic and Slovakia.

In addition to that, we import toys from many brands and producers worldwide. We also offer american brands such as KID O, Fat Brain Toys, Petit Monkey and other brands. 

If you are interested in selling original and high-quality toys in your shop then you would get registered as a retailer. After registering we will send you our business conditions and we will activate your customer account.

Why should you do business just with us?

  • We offer original and hig-quality products with high esthetic value.
  • We help you with a right ordering and selecting.
  • All the items in our on-line shop are on stock in Czech republic - immediatelly available.
  • You can buy by items.
  • Easy and hassle-free returning policy and customer friendly service.

Further details about our wholesale conditions to be sent after registering and activating your wholesale account. 

Would you need to ask? Please contact us either via e-mail obchod@mamiee.cz or phone +420 602 267 575.

Thank you and looking forward to co-operating with you!

Markéta Laube a Mamiee team

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