Mamiee is a family company loving smart and special needs toys and games, a brand who offers customers more than just a product.

We are designing and creating our own original wooden toys and board games, planning magnetic schedules, clocks etc. We have quality of materials in our mind and explore for added value of our toys. We also exploit our personal knowledge and experience with special needs for children.

We run our concept store with play space for kids of all ages to enjoy and a great selection of clothes and toys in our store. We are the place where you can reconnect, enjoy your time and play.

Children are behind it all

Do you know the stories of mothers who have found a new goal in their working lives with their children?

I am one of them. Mamiee story began when I was with my older son on my maternity leave, I thought about how to actually return to work. One moment directed all my thinking: when my son was about three years old, I needed to push him in his self-service and independence, so I design simple stickers with pictograms of T-shirts, socks and other pieces and I put them on the individual drawers of his wardrobe. At last, the problem was resolved.

What does Mamiee stand for?

A combination of motherhood  mixed with university background in education led to Mamiee own product line. Based on my own experience I know how demanding it is for mothers of children and especially children who have various limitations due to special needs.

I carefully choose toys and educational games which are both meaningful and playful. Our toys take you on a journey full of fantasy, entertainment and active play.

So this is us.

We are sisters, mothers, aunts and grandmothers - all in one place. We met gradually and now we are connected by Mamiee. We all love the feeling that we do something meaningful and moreover we enjoy it. So that is why we are here.

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