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Composing puzzles can be enjoyed not only by kids. The whole family can play and complete! You can enjoy completing a picture together, but at the same time it may be a moment of relaxation only for you, the parents. The activity not only helps to reduce stress, but also develops your concentration and patience. We bring you original puzzles for adults from the well-known brand eeBoo. The pictures are illustrated by American artists and the puzzles have a high esthetic value. As a gift, it will surely please every and each puzzle lover. In addition, the finished puzzle can become an awesome wall decoration.

Little kids love jigsaw puzzles! We offer beautiful and colorful jigsaw puzzles so that your kids can create, for example, a face or you can teach children what happened in the past and what will follow. We offer well-crafted, beautifully illustrated jigsaw puzzles from popular and well-known brand eeBoo.

Puzzle building develops and supports:

  • concentration
  • attention and patience
  • fine motor skills
  • perception of shapes and space
  • perception of detail and overall image

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Fairytale 20 Piece Puzzle

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Fire Truck Dog 20-piece puzzle

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Opposites Puzzle Pairs

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