At the very beginning, when I founded Mamiee, my effort and intention was to help especially parents who look after children with special needs. I have my own personal experience with that. I really wanted that children with concentration disorders, hyperactivity or autism could better develop and explore the world. I wanted such kids to enjoy every and each day, even when the sun is not shining. It turns out that "helping others" is a path we love to walk. Simply, we just take it that helping others is right.

Markéta, owner of Mamie


Péťa a Hynek

What do you contribute to? To necessary and also financially demanding treatments and rehabilitations for two lovely boys Péťa and Hynek. Unfortunately, health insurance companies do not cover costs of those treatments and rehabilitations.

We will be happy if you join us. When ordering, you can choose a contribution of EUR 1, 2, 5 or 10 incl. VAT (your order price will be increased by a selected amount in order to provide a contribution to the boys via charity Konto Bariéry). After deducting VAT your contribution will be immediately transferred to the boys' accounts at Konto Bariéry.  


At the age of 4, Hynek stepped on the protective tarpaulin of the pool and it imprisoned him. Despite it was for a short time, but water in the pool was warm and the lack of oxygen caused anoxic brain damage. Unfortunately, due to the unoxidized brain, he almost lost everything he already knew. Doctors say that there is a good chance that he might recover after taking regular rehabilitations, because he was born as a healthy boy. Hynek regularly trains, goes to hippotherapy, and he has also undergone dolphin therapy, which has moved him ahead. He likes to watch fairy tales. No doubt, he is a nice and cheerful boy  locked in his body.


Péťa was born as a healthy and skilful child. Unfortunately, when he was 3.5 year old, his family had a serious car accident. His dad died on the spot and Péta and his mother Monika were taken by a helicopter to the hospital.  Thanks to intensive rehabilitation, he managed to get rid of his dependence on the ventilator and his mobility quite improved, and his muscles began to work. He exercises regularly, undergoes rehabilitation and goes to hippotherapy. Péťa is a communicative and cheerful boy who likes to sing, he loves firefighters, tractors and observing stars.

Thank you so much in advance and on behalf of Péťa and Hynek

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