Mamiee is an e-shop for expectant mothers, parents and children and we love and offer only smart toys and games which help with the development of children. We also focus on toys and tools for children with ADHD and other specific disorders. When developing our toys and tools, we truly rely on our personal experience.
Markéta Laube, founder of Mamiee


We love and offer toys and educational games which are both meaningful and playful. Our toys take you on a journey full of fantasy, entertainment and active play. Games are not only playful and funny, but they also help develop basic skills and learning. We choose our products carefully with regard to the fact that there are children who have weaker areas and they need to strengthen them (fine motor skills, attention, speech delay and etc.).


We love children. We have education and experience in both pedagogy and design. In addition, we have our personal experience and knowledge of ADHD, ADD. We have been developing our own Mamiee product line and under our brand you can find pictogram stickers, planning boards, planning magnetic boards, wooden toys, original memory games, wall clocks, place mats and other accessories. Above all of that, my colleague manages to actively lead children's special holiday camps and clubs.


In Mamiee, we don´t want to be different at all costs, nevertheless, we also don´t want to merge with the crowd, and on the contrary, we do our job to step out of the crowd. All products we offer are of high-quality, durable and beautiful to touch and look at. Mamiee products are designed and manufactured in the Czech Republic. All Mamiee wooden toys are purely handmade. In our product range you will not find products that are carelessly produced, disposable and then end up in the trash. Ours products are designed to last for more than one generation.


Mamiee lives in a community of moms. We await your feedback and we look forward to all your suggestions, needs, comments and we are happy to respond. We will always take our time to listen to you and we love helping you to find the most suitable toys or tools for children with special needs.


At Mamie, we understand to worries of mothers, we know that motherhood is not just a walk in the rose garden. We know from our own experience that mothers of children, and especially children who have various limitations due to special needs (children with ADHD / ADD), they face a lot of issues. We are here to care and help you keep your children smiling.

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