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Although we do not know when the first toy was created, however, we know that wherever children live, there are also toys with them.

No doubt, that since the very beginning toys have been used to discover the world in a very exciting way. Toys help with a motor skills development and motivate to learn as well as to improve self-confidence, independence and social interactions. Above all, each and every toy ought to motivate to play, to evoke feelings and imaginations. As careful parents we should choose toys according to the child's personality and interests. Some children prefer more creative toys, others like building blocks, puzzles or wooden blocks. Colors and experience of touch is also very important. That's why wooden toys are so popular as children love to touch them and they are long-term durable. The whole family often likes to meet and play a challenging board game or a memory game together.  

Remember the following rule should apply when choosing toys: “Smaller quantity - bigger quality”. Playing with such toys is more engaging and exciting.

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Little Chefs Lotto game

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Preschool Lotto Game

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Save the Planet & Recycle

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