We are exclusive Distributor of Pals Socks for Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Pals Socks company was founded by Hannah, young and creative mum from Philladelphia, in 2015. Her vision is to create a fun, colorful kids brand with a powerful legacy. Her inspiration is led by her personal belief in trying new things and exploring new places. Life is then more interesting, exciting and engaging.

Pals Socks tries to create a boundless and unlimited life. Hannah's saying is "Wouldn’t our planet be a nicer place to live if we could all just get along and, dare I say, even become friends?"  Yes, why dragons and unicorns or a T-Rex and Triceratops could not become friends on one pair of socks?

In 2017 Pals Socks recieved honor “The Family Choice Awards” for a unique product for kids and their parents. 

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